Purchase of company

When we purchase a company, we follow these steps:

  1. Legal, financial and personell analysis

    First we get all the information about the company purchased and we process it in detail, which includes the following:

    • analysis of assets, liabilities and claims (it is possible to use liquidity)
    • tax analysis (options for tax risks and relief)
    • legal, financial and personell analysis
  2. Law assessment

    Assessment of the purchased company includes the following:

    • monitoring and evaluation of contractual relationships in the current period in order to bind the company
    • possibility of representation in any litigation
    • representation in contacts with authorities
    • determination of the legal risks of existing and future business deals
    • minimization of risk contracts
    • analysis of company documents and their updating
    • elaboration of contractual documents needed
    • assessment of possible legal risks arising from the purchase of company
  3. Market price fixing

    In determining the market price of the company can not be based solely on the accounting documents, but it is necessary to examine several important factors. All these factors are very important in determining the fair market price of the entity, which is the basis for a possible purchase of the company:

    • the overall economic condition of the company
    • problems that could adversely affect the Company's position in the market
    • human resources options
    • risks associated with business partners